“INSIDER SECRETS to College Classroom Success!”

For over a decade, Professor Antoinette Smith, PhD, CPA has been teaching at FIU, one of the top business schools in the country, inspiring, connecting with, and preparing students for the professional world.

Her ongoing research, speaking engagements, and collaboration with fellow educators, experts, and professionals both inside and outside the halls of FIU, combined with her personal experience, culminated into the ultimate single resource for college students: “INSIDER SECRETS to College Classroom Success!”

“INSIDER SECRETS to College Classroom Success!” is an absolute goldmine of do’s and don’ts you won’t find anywhere else. Exclusive to the incredibly valuable pages within, you will find a litany of tips and tricks that garner unequalled classroom success. It is information that professors won’t talk about, but will separate you from your peers in a natural and intuitive way.

"You’re More Than What Meets The Eye: The Independent Woman’s Guide To Becoming Wifely Material"

It is an old-fashioned belief that being a professional independent woman is mutually exclusive of being a wife and/or mother. This is absolutely not the case. One does not need to sacrifice the other, and there are universal skills, knowledge, and wisdom that apply to both the professional and personal areas of your life. Dr. Smith is an expert on the balance, and “You’re More Than What Meets The Eye” is the ultimate resource for having it all.

Dr. Wood is a certified CPA, PhD, auditor, and fraud investigator. She has worked for Big 4 accounting firms as well as smaller, local accounting firms. And while obtaining her PhD within four years, she was promoted to Audit Manager by the Department of Defense. These achievements required organization skills, a high level of motivation, and networking. It required hard work for long hours, and often in isolation or with limited interaction with people outside of the industry. These are attributes necessary for women in highly demanding fields, but we also have another side to us, and it’s one that is often overlooked and neglected.

This book is not about being a wife; it’s about holding onto wifely characteristics — wisdom, humility, and co-happiness, just to name a few — while also being the powerful and independent female that you are. Through her book, Dr. Smith has helped couples and unmarried women understand the power of having both a

successful career and opening themselves up for love and the challenge of a potential marriage. It is not about getting a man. Instead, it is about helping women — specifically strong-minded, independent women — focus on themselves and tap into the power of their charming characteristics.

With thought-provoking exercises, this inspiring, informative, and easy-to-read resource helps you develop strategies for stepping outside your comfort zone, rising to new levels in life, and persevering through any challenge.