Professor & Researcher


Professor Antoinette Smith, PhD, CPA is an Associate Professor at Florida International University (FIU), one of the highest-ranking business schools in the United States. She was also inducted into President Rosenberg's Inaugural Leadership Program. She was also one of the 1st faculty fellows appointed to FIU's Office to Advance Women, Equity, & Diversity (AWED).

Every year for more than a decade, Professor Smith has had the opportunity to impact over 200 students, who go on to become global leaders of finance and accounting in its endless number of facets, from international pubic and private firms to government entities and beyond. Furthermore, she works closely with PhD candidates to help them make crucial life decisions, prepare for presentations, and polish their ideal professional image.

Continuously striving to create innovative ways to educate and inspire, this seasoned educator uses a hands-on, ever-developing, dynamic, and interactive approach with a particular focus on the constant evolution of accounting technologies. She is responsible for initiating FIU’s first Accounting Bridge Program, and regularly attends faculty development consortiums sponsored by the Big 4 accounting firms to stay up-to-date and pass on the most relevant information and methods to her students and peers.

An FIU Worlds Ahead faculty member, winner of the PhD Pipeline Faculty Associate Award from Duke University, an inspirational presence for minority students, a community activist, and a deeply passionate educator feverishly seeking the most effective and long-lasting development techniques, Professor Smith has turned her expertise as an educator into a personal responsibility. She currently teaches:

Professor Smith is passionate about promoting the lives of college and high school students. She currently services as the Faculty Advisor to NABA (National Associate of Black Accountants). This student organization, although is name NABA has members of all nationalities and college majors. If you are an FIU business  major (executive, graduate, or undergraduate), I encourage you to visit our Instagram account @NABAFIU and join our membership. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to


Professor Smith is well known for her cutting-edge scholarly work that contributes to the growing literature on systems, computer mediated communication, social psychology as it relates to working groups, fraud detection, quarterly earnings conference calls, hospitals, and analysts’ forecast.

Professor Smith established South Florida’s first Behavioral Research Conference, and was one of the first accounting professors, world-wide, to have an experimental, technology-focused, behavioral paper published in The Accounting Review, the most prominent accounting journal with an extremely low acceptance rate. Other premier journals include Decision Sciences, Journal of Behavioral Finance, and Journal of Information Systems. The aforementioned are simply highlights of her scholarly work, as she continuously strives to be on the cutting edge of research now and into the future.

Her research can also be found in various databases such as ProQuest, Web of Science, and Academic OneFile.