Professor Antoinette Smith, PhD, CPA is an Associate Professor at Florida International University (FIU), one of the highest-ranking business schools in the United States.

Every year for more than a decade, Professor Smith has had the opportunity to impact over 200 students, who go on to become global leaders of finance and accounting in its endless number of facets, from international pubic and private firms to government entities and beyond.

Continuously striving to create innovative ways to educate and inspire, this seasoned educator uses a hands-on, ever-developing, dynamic, and interactive approach with a particular focus on the constant evolution of accounting technologies. She is responsible for initiating FIU’s first Accounting Bridge Program, and regularly attends faculty development consortiums sponsored by the Big 4 accounting firms to stay up-to-date and pass on the most relevant information and methods to her students and peers.Dr_Antoinette_Smith_Cap_and_Gown

An FIU Worlds Ahead faculty member, winner of the PhD Pipeline Faculty Associate Award from Duke University, an inspirational presence for minority students, a community activist, and a deeply passionate educator feverishly seeking the most effective and long-lasting development techniques, Professor Smith has turned her expertise as an educator into a personal responsibility.

She currently teaches Accounting Information Systems (ACG 4401-undergraduate) and Information Technology Auditing (ACG 6625-graduate level), but her efforts extend far beyond the classroom.


The nature of most professions changes on a regular basis, but accounting and finance is one of the most consistently evolving industries thanks largely to the efforts of researchers around the globe. On both a personal and collaborative level, Professor Smith’s peer-reviewed research has garnered international recognition and helped shape the face of accounting and finance on issues of both research and public interest.

The Accounting Review Antoinette SmithProfessor Smith is known for cutting edge scholarly work that contributes to the growing literature on systems, computer mediated communication, social psychology as it relates to working groups, fraud detection, quarterly earnings conference calls, and analysts’ forecast.

Professor Smith established South Florida’s first Behavioral Research Conference,; and was one of the first accounting professors, world-wide, to have an experimental, technology-focused, behavioral paper published in The Accounting Review (TAR). TAR is the most prominent accounting journal, with an extremely low acceptance rate. Other premier journals include Decision Sciences, Journal of Behavioral Finance, and Journal of Information Systems. The aforementioned are simply highlights of her scholarly work, as she continuously strives to be on the cutting edge of research.


Professor Antoinette Smith’s speeches and presentations have been described as inspirational, motivational, knowledgeable, transparent, and influential, and her expertise and research is readily available for any number of environments, from intimate consortiums of ten people to a stage in front of hundreds of attendees.

Speaker IMG_6138Having delivered speeches in almost twenty US states, including Hawaii, as well as internationally in Spain, China, and the UK, this veteran of the spoken word can make a real difference in front of any crowd anywhere on the planet. Not just limited to in-person talks, Professor Smith can also live-feed her speeches in webinar form using state-of-the-art audio and video equipment streamed directly to your computers or a projector.

Professor Smith’s speaking topics are universally and objectively beneficial. The range of success-driven facets includes financial literacy, life-coaching, and hands-on workshops geared toward students and professionals alike. The palpable impact she has had on scores of engaged listeners is furthered by her fervent passion for staying after to speak to people individually and communicating electronically long after the event has ended. People always want to hear more, and Professor Smith is delighted by the opportunity to go that extra mile.

If you are interested in having this professor, author, and top accounting researcher speak at an upcoming event — an individual also committed to improving the lives of students and colleagues and bettering the community — please do not hesitate to send her a message.


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Dr. Smith places a deeply passionate emphasis on putting herself in the position to help others. Every educational or professional development opportunity is seen as a way to improve personal skills and knowledge that can be retranslated toward helping students, the university, fellow faculty members, and the community as a whole, and every event attended is motivated by that core belief.

Coordinating FIU’s first Accounting Bridge ProgramService 14680739421_c54f12423e_o, which sponsors 41 students from the local area, Professor Smith was able to show college-bound students the incredible amount of career possibilities that today’s global economy offers in the accounting profession, an innovative approach to getting promising youth interested in an internationally influenced industry. She also conceived of and led the very successful Annual Teachers and Leaders Conference, sponsored by the School of Accounting, with a large crowd of university-wide faculty and PhD candidates. The continuous efforts also include hosting regular information sessions for students interested in earning a PhD in business both in-person and via live stream, and putting a particular emphasis on minority empowerment.

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In terms of the more traditional and universal public service efforts, Dr. Smith volunteers for Habitat For Humanity, rolling up her sleeves and helping build homes for families in her community. She also provided cooking lessons, donated food, and brought in motivational speakers in an effort to foster teens living at His House Children’s Home, a charitable cause sponsored by ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration.